"I love that Alpha Male Shit" ladies long sleeve v-neck.

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That's right ladies, deep down inside you all WANT and NEED a REAL MAN! It has been passed down to you in your DNA and there is no way around it! As humans our sole purpose on this Earth (from a biological stand point) is to REPRODUCE. Men have the luxury of not being "picky" and have been programmed to "spread the seed" indiscriminately. Y'ALL can only get pregnant ONCE a year and then you must take care of that little being to ensure it survives. It is YOUR DUTY to only select the BEST mates! Only spread the BEST genes on to the next generation, YOU have the power of the future in your hands! Don't spread the genes of a guy whom you can share JEANS with!!! lol Find a real MAN, a STRONG MAN, a SMART MAN and be proud of that MAN!

 98% cotton, 2% spandex long sleeve black v-neck with pink and white silk screened lettering.